IT’S ALL GOOD (2016)

Aaron, Vinny and Cooper are dead broke and ready to give up on their pursuit of becoming big shot filmmakers. Desperate to keep the dream alive, they turn to crowdfunding for their first feature film and raise $75,000 dollars. However, they are overtaken by greed and instead blow the money on frivolous luxuries. Now they must face the consequences, including some shady acquaintances interested in their fortune, and an onslaught of angry donors who have been deceived.

PUNCHING (2013)                         

The story follows Bill, a failed inventor, and his quest to fix his disabled brother Tommy who can’t stop punching. One night wandering the streets, Tommy must fight a group of men who threaten his life. When a local trainer sees Tommy’s display of untapped skill, he seeks him out and convinces him to take part in an underground fight tournament that is run by the city’s notorious real estate tycoon, Ginger Hashbrowns.

ACTION WORLD (2010)                  

In the future year of 2013 the planet has fallen into perpetual chaos.  Civilization has broken down into two factions, those who seek power through violence and corruption and those who fight back against the moral decay.  One of these crime lords, Calypso, has begun preparations for world domination, but a small faction of peacekeepers known as the Bravo Squad are ready to take him out of the game.